photo (62)I took the girls to their Orthodontist appointment this week, and as I waited in the lobby I leaned over and grabbed a book to read. A devotional book is not one you would think you would find at a doctor’s office, but I am so glad I did. I turned to that day’s devotion and read the title “Our Stubborn Wills” and immediately knew The Lord was near and speaking. I can be STUBBORN and STRONG-WILLED at times…I was actually having one of those days. What causes that to come out in us? The devotion defined it well and said this,

“Being a Christian is a daily, ongoing experience. It is a lifelong process of DAILY repentance and faith, turning from sin and seeking to live for Christ, in the power of the Holy Spirit. That is where our wills come in. Although we have been converted and God has come to live in us, our old nature is still “alive and kicking.” Our stubborn wills still demand to put SELF FIRST instead of CHRIST. It isn’t easy to bring our stubborn wills into submission to Christ, but when we do, it is as if a misplaced vertebra has snapped back into place. Instead of the stress and tension of a life out of harmony with God, we discover the serenity of His presence. Who will control your will today? You – or Christ?”

You guys…the battle is REAL! It’s a DAILY walk with Him…for me minute by minute. We can’t simply say we are His followers because we have been baptized once and go to church once a week. We are kidding ourselves if we think that’s what it means to be a one of His followers. It’s a daily surrender to ourselves and an act of submission and obedience to HIM.

9.3.15This was not the first time I had heard this message this week. I LOVE it when this happens. Repeat messages, verses, songs are a way I feel His affirmation of what He is speaking to me. They are my “goose bump” moments when I know He is near. In my quiet time, I have been studying the book of Nehemiah. Nehemiah was a faithful servant of the Lords who had a compassionate heart to rebuild the walls that had been destroyed in Jerusalem. When he arrived in the city he not only found broken walls but the broken lives of those who had returned from exile. I love what he did, he gathered the people together to hear Ezra read God’s law. The people responded by REPENTING and promising to change their lives by OBEYING God’s words. My bible says this as a reference to Nehemiah 8, “No matter where we live, backsliding is an ever-present danger. We must constantly check our behavior against God’s standards in the Bible so that we do not slide back into sinful ways of living.” The word of GOD has power and strength to restore us just like it did for them. Despite of our sinful selves, our God is FAITHFUL! When we stop, reflect and repent our God ALWAYS FORGIVES. ALWAYS! Are you willing to stop and reflect? How is your living and behavior holding up to God’s word? Do you need time with Him to repent? I do! As we finish up our week this week, I encourage you to memorize 1 John 1:9. Action is required from us, and our UNFAILING and FAITHFUL God will always respond and answer us when we do! He LOVES us! You are LOVED!  #gloryup

If we confess our sins, he is faithful and just and will forgive us our sins and purify us from all unrighteousness.” 1 John 1:9