photo (42)Have you ever had to wait for something? My family is in a place of waiting for our new home. We have been in this waiting season for over a year now. It’s hard to wait!!! We live in a world with instant gratification where we can have anything and everything at our finger tips. We have stores of every kind on every corner. Google provides a search engine where you can instantly know anything you want to know in milliseconds. So what are we waiting for? We’re waiting on our Lord!

When we moved to Boerne, our way of doing things changed. We were not going to make the same mistake of living our life the way we wanted it and ask God to bless it. Now we are trying to seek Him first and ask for His will to be done above our own and that prayer means we wait. It’s been the hardest yet most beautiful journey the five of us have ever been on. Yes, our girls are in on this waiting with us.

Family selfie the day we prayed together

Family selfie the day we prayed together

They have gone with us dreaming and hoping for our new home. There is one home in particular that truly has our hearts. ALL OF US WANT IT deeply! We have been looking at it since last October as it is a FORECLOSURE home that has been sitting and waiting for new owners for over five years. It’s beautiful! It sits on top of this gorgeous hill with breathtaking views that leave you in AWE of His majesty. It has four bedrooms…every home we have ever lived has only had three bedrooms which means our girls have had to share a room their whole life. You can imagine their excitement as they dream about having their very own room. As we walked through it, they each claimed one as their own. We came back another time to visit, but this time was different. Instead of dreaming we decided to pray. We went to every room in the house and petitioned before Him. We took turns praying in each room. Ryan would pray in the living room, I would pray in the kitchen. Each one of the girls prayed in their “claimed” room. We circled up and held hands as we heard their sweet voices seeking God and His desires for us. When it was Ashley’s turn to pray, she did things a little different. Tears still surface as I remember her sweet prayer. As we were circled up in her room, she broke the circle and went right to the middle of it and went to her knees. Her hands were straight up to the Heavens and she bowed her head. She said, “Lord, if you were to give us this house this would be my room. I love this room and I really want it, but if you don’t want us to have it then we don’t want it either.” WOW…such big words for such a little soul.

We truly don’t want to be one step outside of His will. We are surrendering to His ways which means we don’t really know what our future looks like. We’re not sure where we will call home, but we do know that we TRUST Him. We know His plans for us are higher and bigger than ours. Isaiah 55:8-9 was our family’s verse of the year in 2013. We memorized it and hold it in our hearts. It says, “For my thoughts are not your thoughts, neither are your ways my ways, As the heavens are higher than the earth so are my ways higher than your ways and my thoughts than your thoughts.”

photo (61)I was looking back in my bible at the start of this year to find our verse for 2015. I love reading over the highlighted verses and remembering those seasons of our life. We can ALWAYS recall God’s faithfulness to us as we remember what and how He helped us overcome. If you don’t write in your bible, let me encourage you to do so. It truly is the best way for me to memorize, recall and remember our FAITHFUL God! Any ways, as I reread the words in Isaiah I stumbled upon new verses that I had never taken notice to before. I felt as though God had whispered this sweet and gentle verse to me as I read it. “You will go out in joy and be led forth in peace; the mountains and hills will burst into song before you, and all the trees of the field will clap their hands.” Isaiah 55:12 

This is our verse for 2015, and as I continue to wait upon our Lord to show us the way, I remember His faithfulness. I remember that His thoughts and ways are higher than ours and that I will go out in JOY and be led forth in PEACE!!!  That’s certainly worth the wait. So what are you waiting for? Do you trust Him and know Him to be faithful? Maybe you aren’t waiting for a house, maybe you are waiting on healing from a broken relationship or from cancer. Maybe you are waiting for the right job or to know which job He wants you to take. Whatever it is you are waiting for…GOD IS FAITHFUL! Keep waiting for HIM!