CastlesI love to people watch especially at the beach. The most amazing things happen when I am drawn into their world by observation. My imagination starts to kick in, and The Holy Spirit starts to speak. I never fail to receive a tremendous amount of love and overflowing joy when these moments take place. They are just too good not to share.

Our morning had started like they always do. Ryan and I enjoy our first cup of coffee on the balcony of our condo around 5:30a. There are always a few people walking along the shore but for the most part it is quiet and still. As we were sipping our first cup and enjoying the crashing of the waves we both observed a man walk up to a rather large set of sandcastles that had been built the day before. He began to step on them and knock them down with great pleasure with his bare feet. Ryan and I looked at each other with disgust, and before we could utter a word another man from his balcony shouts out to him in a loud voice, HEY, to try to get the man’s attention. The distance was too much with the crashing waves for the man to hear. He continued to destroy the castles. My heart was heavy. I immediately began to have a conversation with The Lord. Why? Why do people have to be so destructive? Someone is going to wake up today without their sandcastles and be crushed.

My morning continued without an answer. We got ready for our day on the beach. The ice chest was packed. Sunscreen, shades, hats, books to read were ready in the beach bag. We got set up in our chairs with umbrellas and the day began. I had just gotten settled and was reading my first chapter of the day when Ryan pointed out to me that the man that yelled out from the balcony was in front of us talking to the family who had started building sandcastles. He asked them if they were the ones that had built the sandcastles the day before. They replied with a yes as he continued to tell them that he had witnessed a man destroy them that morning on the beach. He said he had yelled at him, but he didn’t stop. I couldn’t believe it. What are the odds that we would be sitting right behind the family that had built the castles and to actually see the man that had yelled out from his balcony? The Lord had my attention.

Castles 2The most precious little girl came up with her bucket full of sand. The dad was already busy at work rebuilding the sandcastles as the little girl continued to fill her bucket and bring it to him. All of a sudden I could hear God’s whisper, “Don’t be afraid of those who cause destruction. I am your Father that can rebuild anything they destroy and build it better than before.” Friends, tears swelled. Ryan and I have experienced this kind of destruction in our own personal lives. We had built something that was special for Him. We were serving Him through it when destruction had been done and caused us to let go of it.

We were both given front row seats at the beach to witness this precious family rebuild their sandcastles. They weren’t going to let the destruction keep them from rebuilding. It was such a confirmation from our Heavenly Father that He sees us. He knows our hearts, and He is faithful to help us rebuild our lives even better than it was before. All we have to do is keep filling up our bucket, being faithful day in and day out to do the work he is calling us to do, and take it to Him. He will do the rest.

Susie Larson quoteI continued to watch them throughout the rest of the day. The man had taken great delight and detail in making this set of sandcastles even better than the day before. I loved it. The little girl was so happy and carefree. She was without a worry in the world. When we trust our Father amazing things can happen. So what’s stopping you from getting out there and filling up your bucket today? Take your fruits of labor to Him and watch and see what He will do. He is able to do MORE than we ask or imagine. Trust Him!

“Now to him who is able to do immeasurably more than all we ask or imagine, according to his power that is at work within us, to him be glory in the church and in Christ Jesus throughout all generations, for ever and ever! Amen.”
Ephesians 3:20-21