james1-5-6I have been walking very closely with someone I love who has a decision to make. I love how diligent they are being to the process. I know you have been there too. You come to the fork in the road and you have to decide to turn right or left. You often times find yourself fearful in deciding because you don’t want to make the wrong decision. This fear can paralyze you. Instead of moving forward you remain right where you are. Determining God’s will or desire (and His will is always consistent with His character) is not a one and done determination. It’s a process. It usually takes time and patience on our part. Here are 5 steps to consider.

1.​ Pray.
Growing our prayer life is key to determining God’s will for us. Spending time with Him in prayer and in His Word draws us closer to His heart. It helps us to know His voice. To sense His presence and know when He is at work around us.

2.​ Place everything before Him.
Evaluate your choices. As you seek whether what you are wanting to do/say lines up with God’s will and who He is, lay everything before Him. Make a list of pros and cons. Examine your gifts, talents, time commitments, values, passions. Be so very honest about yourself and with God. He knows your heart anyway.  Be honest about your fears, doubts, temptations.

3.​ Go to the Word.
The best way to ensure we remain on the path that leads to abundant life … to walk in God’s will and His ways … is to read and memorize Scripture. This is critical. Sometimes God’s Word will give a specific answer. But, oftentimes, it doesn’t. God will not give specific instruction but rather lay before you biblical principles to apply to your circumstances. It’s imperative that as you pray, what you choose to do/say lines up with the Word of God. God will never ever ask you or lead you to do anything that conflicts with His Word.

Proverbs3.54. Seek Godly counsel.
Notice I said godly counsel. Seek counsel from a friend or mentor who is steeped in the Word and who has a deep prayer life. Someone you trust and know will truly pray for you and speak honestly to you. Don’t look to a person or people you call upon to give you THE answer. Rather, ask them to seek God on YOUR behalf. To listen to God FOR you. God will often use other people to confirm what we are hearing. And, be humble and wise, willing to receive the hard answer. If it’s someone you trust, trust what you hear. Is what you are considering going to conflict with their counsel? That is significant, so prayerfully mull that over.

5.​ Peace of God reigns in your heart.
Some of the wisest words I’ve ever received were these: “Remain … be still … hold your tongue… unless you feel called out, led or moved by God.” It’s only when you know that calling out, leading or moving is from God that peace will come. When we lack peace. When anxiety gains a foothold. When we feel overwhelmed. When our soul remains in a place of unrest. THAT is clear evidence we are NOT walking in God’s will or in alignment with His character. It’s only in walking in wholehearted devotion to Jesus that life, and the circumstances and choices we have to make, will truly make sense. We will walk out the other side of each decision with PEACE, JOY, CONFIDENCE and ANTICIPATION.

Proverbs16.9God knows the plans He has for us. If
we take a misstep, we can trust Him to
lead us back on the right track. We just
need to stick with Him through it. Proverbs 16:9 is a wonderful verse for
us. “In their hearts humans plan their
course,but the Lord establishes
their steps.” (NIV)

Here’s to taking the next step sweet friends! Don’t be afraid! He has you and will not let go of you. Trust Him! Pray. Seek. Knock. The door will be opened for you! He is a GOOD GOOD FATHER!  #arise #go #trust #followhim