img_2825Decorating for Christmas this year came with an intimate moment for me like I have never experienced before. It happened when I took our Angel Tree topper out of the box. We have owned this beautiful porcelain and gold angel for several years now. The very first year we bought her I was taking her out of the box for the first time when I accidently broke her. They wrap them up like they would a barbie doll with zip ties around every limb to try to keep them safely packaged. Unfortunately, when I went to remove her from the box her porcelain neck cracked. She was broken. At the time I didn’t have anything at the house to fix it, so I just put her up vowing I would fix it later. Fast forward a decade…and there I was on Saturday holding the still broken angel tree topper. This is when I heard God whisper, “It’s time to fix things.” My middle daughter was with me when the moment happened. She saw my tears swell up inside. She asked what was wrong. I told her it was time to fix things that are broken. She went on to ask what all is broken? My answer was quick with a question in reply. What isn’t?

I had her run and grab the super glue from the back and we were starting with this angel tree topper. Then we moved on to the nutcracker that had fallen and broken a few years back. He got fixed too. I know it may sound silly but there was a beautiful and freeing moment in fixing these broken things, and there was major significance in what He was speaking to me. It was time to start fixing things in me that are broken. I am coming up very soon on my 40th birthday. I have mixed emotions about this one. It’s quite possible that this is the marking of the middle of my life. I have been reflecting on my first 40 years quite a bit lately. I have made plenty of mistakes along the way. I have learned. I have grown, and I want to continue in that growth by His grace over the next 40 years, and live them even better than the first. In order for that to happen I am going to have to work on the broken parts of me to make them whole.

img_2842So fast forward to the middle of this week, and the message I hear about fixing things continues…but this time I’m confused. The devotion I read speaks about problems being a part of life. They are inescapable in this fallen and broken world. Yes! I agree with that completely as I see the evidence of this truth daily, but I heard Him say to me “It’s time to fix things.” This devotion says don’t let fixing things be your top priority. My conversation with The Lord looked something like this, “God, I am so confused.  I thought you wanted me to fix things. What are you saying to me?” My answer came as I continued to read the devotion. The last two sentences resonated loudly with me. “Rather than trying to fix EVERYTHING that comes to your attention, ask ME to show you what is truly important. Remember that you are en route to heaven, and let your problems fade in the light of eternity.” Friends, we don’t have to take on the burdens of this world and try to fix EVERYTHING. In fact, when we do take on those burdens of fixing things that are not ours to fix we are distancing ourselves from Him. He is the Mender, the Healer. We get to seek Him in what He wants to fix in us and then He does the healing. I suddenly saw myself as the angel tree topper. For years, I have been walking around broken, banged up and bruised, all while trying to fix EVERYTHING else around me. The Lord was intimate with me in such a graceful way to say, “Gen, it’s time to work on fixing YOU.” Tears! I am ready because I know my AMAZING Father is redeeming me and making me new. How about you? Are there things that are broken in you that He is ready to fix? It’s personal isn’t it? Don’t be afraid to ask Him. He will show you and He will make you new! And don’t forget the best part…we are on our way to our forever home. Our problems start to fade away in light of eternity. That is good news my friends!

In closing, of course I heard this beautiful song on the radio after my week of listening to Him speak so intimately. Every word in this song speaks to this truth. This is my favorite phrase:

When you see nothing but damaged goods
I see something good in the making
I’m not finished yet.
When you see wounded, I see mended!

Close your eyes, take a listen and hear Him sing this over you. It’s so beautiful!  Keep on keeping on my friends. Advent is here…Our Lord is coming! Merry early Christmas to all!!!  #truth #gloryup