FullSizeRender (68)What if I told you that today you can help save a life or even many lives. Would you do it? A month ago I participated in my high school’s blood drive. I gave blood for the very first time in my 39 years.In that hour of time I remember looking around at the many youth that were surrounding me. They were lined up and waiting outside of the three mobile units ready to donate their blood. Fearless! I have had the opportunity to give blood many times, but there was always an excuse as to why I did not do it. “I don’t have time today, I’ll do it next time.” “They have plenty of donors, they don’t need me.” I could go on and on with the list of reasons of why I didn’t but bottom line is I was selfish.  It was time that I stopped thinking of myself and started thinking about others, so I did it. Did you know that every time you donate blood you have the potential to save 2 to 3 lives. WOW! Donating blood matters. It saves lives!

FullSizeRender (69)What if I told you that today you could save a life without leaving the comfort of your home still snuggled up on your couch in your PJ’s. You don’t even have to get poked by a needle. Would you do it? There is a little boy named Parker Robertson, 6 years old, that has stirred the hearts of many in his community. Parker has been diagnosed with ALD, a deadly genetic disease that affects 1 in 18,000 people. It most severely affects boys and men. It’s a brain disorder that destroys myelin, the protective sheath that surrounds the brain’s neurons- the nerve cells that allow us to think and to control our muscles. It knows no racial, ethnic or geographic barriers. Parker has the most devastating form of ALD. He was a normal, healthy boy just months ago that suddenly began to regress and has now lost his hearing and can no longer see. I can not even begin to understand the pain and suffering that Parker is going through nor understand the pain of his parents or his old brother, Tanner. Tanner is a Boerne High School student that allowed one of his friend’s to come into his home and make a documentary of his brother’s illness to help spread the message that we can help by signing a petition to pass “Aidan’s Law.” There is new scientific knowledge that offers hope for successful treatment and prevention of ALD. If it is caught early in childbirth the babies can be treated and can LIVE! Parker’s MOM wants everyone to be made aware so no other families have to suffer. Let’s help Parker and his family spread the word and bring awareness to this disease. By signing the petition we can help SAVE LIVES! These babies lives matter. While they are newborns they can be screened for the disease and be saved. I am all in!

This precious boy has changed our community. People are coming together to help. Young kids Parker’s age are hosting lemonade stands to raise funds for this family. Youth are using their knowledge and skills to make videos to help spread the word. This video was shown at last night’s Powder Puff game. Teenagers are reaching into their own pockets, not borrowing from their parents, to donate and help. It overwhelms me to see LOVE IN ACTION. You can help too. It only takes a few minutes of your time to watch the video, share it with others and SIGN the PETITION! We need you!


Sign the petition HERE!