Harlem AmbassadorsI am SO EXCITED for today! The Harlem Ambassadors are coming to Boerne, TX to take on our Boerne All-Stars at Boerne Champion High School at 6:30p. It is going to be an evening of family fun that will bring many smiles, laughs and memories for years to come. Many people have asked me how this has come about. Why are you hosting this event? I have been saving this amazing story for this special day! My hope and prayer is that this story inspires YOU! It certainly inspired my husband and me. TOGETHER we really can make this world a better place.

FullSizeRender (21)Chris Phelps is the Founder and CEO of Tacky Box. She also happens to be my childhood best friend from grade school. When Chris and I were in the 4th grade we were inseparable. Our mom’s even allowed us to get on a Greyhound bus one summer and travel to Corsicana, TX to visit her grandmother for the week. (The thought of my own children doing this is super crazy for me to even imagine, but we loved the adventure so very much). She also traveled with me to stay with my grandmother in Garland, TX. We loved each other dearly. We loved our families and we were going to be BFF’S FOREVER! God’s plans were bigger than we could see in front of our own eyes, and Chris’s family moved at the end of our 6th grade year to Colorado.  Just like that my BFF FOREVER friend was gone!

With the help of Facebook we were able to reconnect. I was able to get a glimpse into the life of my precious friend and what I saw was amazing. Chris has two children, one daughter and one son. Her daughter, Emma, was 1/2 way through her Kindergarten year when Chris heard her say her first four letter word. It caught her off guard and unprepared, but she used the moment to teach and give Emma the opportunity to choose her words carefully. She was sharing the moment with her mom and through their discussion the dream and vision of Tacky Box came to life. Her mom, Cindy Kent, is an artist and is the Illustrator and author of this interactive children’s book. Together they have created a one of a kind interactive book set that is helping Administrators, Counselors and Teachers across the nation to teach children that KINDNESS MATTERS! It’s even made it all the way to Washington!

The ticket sales from tonight’s family event with the Harlem Ambassadors will help jump-start this program into the Elementary and Middle Schools of BISD and hopefully surrounding Hill Country schools abroad. We want to help Chris, Cindy and Emma spread the message that KINDNESS MATTERS!

My husband is the Fundraiser Chair for the Fair Oaks Rotary Club. This fundraiser tonight will hopefully be the start of an annual event that will continue to lead the way to making a difference. The Fair Oaks Rotary Club members are not just taking on this project locally but internationally and globally. This weekend they will present Tacky Box to the Rotarians that will gather from all around the globe.

Bullying and Cyberbullying is at an all time high.We’ve all seen it’s ugliness in our own communities. We’ve seen the tragedies in the news. If we can teach the children early that they have the power to speak life with their words they choose wouldn’t this world be a better place. That’s what we are going to do tonight. We are going to bring LIGHT into the darkness.

Martin Luther King, Jr. said, “Darkness cannot drive out darkness; only LIGHT can do that. Hate cannot drive out hate, only LOVE can do that.”

These words are true and they are inspired by the word of God! “IN HIM WAS LIFE, AND THAT LIFE WAS THE LIGHT OF MEN. THE LIGHT SHINES IN THE DARKNESS, BUT THE DARKNESS HAS NOT UNDERSTOOD IT.” John 1:4-5

The footnote of my bible says this: “The darkness has not understood it” means the darkness of evil never has and never will overcome or extinguish God’s light. Jesus Christ is the Creator of life, and his life brings light to mankind. In his light, we see ourselves as we really are. When we follow Jesus, the true LIGHT, we can avoid walking blindly. He lights the path ahead of us so we can see how to live.

FullSizeRender (1)The LIGHT is ALIVE inside of us! It’s up to us to get busy SHINING it to a world in need of driving out the darkness.  Won’t you join us? Get your tickets in advance for $9 by visiting this link. Ticket sales at the door will be $10 for children and $12 for adults. Doors open at 5:30p with the event starting at 6:30p. Credit Cards will be accepted. There will be a FREE drawing for a signed Harlem Ambassadors basketball, concession stands will be open and donations will be accepted for Rotary of Fair Oaks towards The Tacky Box Project.

A huge THANKS to our Boerne ALL-STARS for volunteering their time for this great cause! We can’t wait to CHEER for you!

Coaches: Don Layton and Kimble McHone
Refs: Stan Leech and Scott Stolle
Players: Jack Ballenger, Richard Braud, Ryan Coe, Shar and Ty Ferris, Herbeto Hinojosa, Matt Myers, Fred Navarro, Tim Plank, Amy Ruede, Jason Sweatman and Devin Sweet

My sweet BFF FOREVER is flying in today with her mom and daughter. They will be presenting Tacky Box to our Administration at Central Office. I am beyond proud of her and the light she bears.  I can’t wait to hug her neck and for all of you to be touched by her amazing book. We’ll see you tonight!!!  GO BOERNE ALL-STARS!!!